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Green Tinted Roses

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Regular Price: $165.00

Special Price: $139.00

Quick Overview:

Green Tinted roses!  These green roses are dyed (tinted) a gorgeous shade of bright green. One of the elusive green flowers for weddings, green roses match with almost any color scheme. They are also popular for gifts....and of course for festive St. Patrick's day decorations! If you have never seen green roses before, you can't help but take a second look. They usually elicit a gasp of wonder and amazement and are sure conversation starters.  Now with Free Shipping on all wholesale rose (yes, even green ones)!

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Regular Price: $165.00

Special Price: $139.00


Name: Green Tinted Roses

Color: Green roses hold several different shades of green, from light green on the top side of the petals, medium green on the under side of petals and a bolder shade of green nearing the tips. The effect is an overal bright green shade.

Availability: Green roses are usually available all year round. (They are tinted or dyed flowers, so a base white rose is dyed green). If a chosen color is unavailable at the time of shipping, we will match the color and/or variety as closely as possible. Farm growing conditions, weather conditions, market demand, and other factors may result in the unavailability of the flowers.

Description: Our green roses range from 40 to 60 centimeters in length. They include one flower head per rose. They are usually packed in 25 stem bunches. We ship all our roses in partial bud form, so they do need time to open fully once they arrive to you.

As soon as you receive your shipment of green roses, please open the box and check on your flowers. It is to be expected that the roses will be tired after their journey. They will be softer and more droopy at first, which will correct in less than 6 hours after being in water. You will see them take their first drink and start to perk up and become crisper and more 'alive'. All our roses are shipped when the flowers are still in partial bud form, slightly closed to slightly open. The roses will be fully open in 1 to 3 days, depending on how warm it is in their new environment (in a warm location, they will open the quickest. If they are kept in a floral cooler, opening will be delayed) 

- Fill vases with plenty of fresh water and add flower food/floral preservative (not included).
- Don't forget to remove the thorns! You can use a rose pruner or sharp kitchen knife.
- Also you will need to remove any leaves that will fall below the water line of the vase (submerged leaves create dirty water that the flowers don't like to drink).
- Cut 1/2 inch off the ends of the stems on an angle and place immediately in water. The slanted cut will give the ends of the stems more surface area with which to absorb water. 
- Keep your wholesale roses in a cool, somewhat dark location and let them rest for 4-6 hours while they take their initial drink. After they have re-hydrated they will still need to be kept in a cool, dry location (between 35-70 degrees F), and away from direct sunlight.

Here are some tips for keeping your garden roses fresh for as long as possible:
- The cooler they are kept, the fresher they will stay!
- Fresh roses don't like extreme locations - don't freeze them in a cooler or refridgerator that is too cold, and don't let them burn up in a sunny location.
- Keep checking that the water level in the vases doesn't get low. Sometimes roses surprise you with their thirst!
- Try to change the water in the vases and recut the ends of the stems every day. This will keep the water from becoming contaminated with bacteria that will block the flower's availability to absorb water and will also give the stem a fresh surface to take in water.

If you are ordering green roses for a wedding or event, we recommend that you select a delivery date that is 2 to 3 days before the event date. For example, for a wedding on a Saturday, your flowers should be delivered on the Wednesday or Thursday beforehand. This is to give your roses enough time to rehydrate and fully open.

- We ship FedEx or OnTrak for overnight delivery service. 

- All deliveries should arrive by 3:00pm and most are delivered before 10:30am (this depends on the service available in your area). You can contact FedEx or OnTrak to narrow down the guranteed delivery time of day for your specific zip code.

- Deliveries are available Tuesday through Friday.

- The day before your selected delivery date, you will receive an automatically generated tracking number which you can use to track your package online at If your tracking number starts with a "D" your package has been shipped with OnTrac. You can track your package online at: or call them directly at 1-800-334-5000

- FedEx/OnTrak may a require signature for delivery. Please arrange to have somebody home to accept the delivery. If for any reason you miss your delivery, you can contact FedEx at 1.800-GO-FEDEX or OnTrak at 1-800-334-5000 (have your tracking number handy). You will be able to re-schedule delivery for a later time.

-  Please review your shipping address carefully. If you provide the wrong shipping address, we are not responsible for any problems that may result. Any shipping redirects or changes will incur a $10 fee and changes may not be feasible as the delivery date approaches, especially once the shipping tracking number has been assigned.

- FreshGardenRoses is not responsible for packages that are received before or after the specified delivery date, are lost, stolen or damaged once in the hands of the carrier. In the event that there is a delay with your package, please contact FedEx or OnTrak directly.

- Yes, we can ship to Hawaii and Alaska! There will be an additional $45 per box surcharge (we'll call you after your order is placed to confirm). For shipments to Canada or Puerto Rico, please send an email to with the complete shipping address and flower order. Within 24 hours, one of our customer service representatives will confirm your total order price and shipping.

Our Guarantee to you!

It is extremely unlikely that you will experience any problems with your flowers during delivery or after! has shipped to over 20,000 brides, florists and event planners and made countless customers happy. We do understand that ordering fresh flowers online can be a little stressful, so we outlined our Flower Guarantee:

1. In the unlikely case that you do receive damaged flowers, you can choose to receive either another shipment or a full refund
2. If we are not able to ship the flowers you ordered are (due to irregular climate or other natural growing conditions), we will let you know as far in advance as possible. We will work to find a substitution of similar flowers or colors that are the closest match to the flowers you need or you can choose to cancel the order and receive and full refund. In order to compensate you for your trouble, we will send you additional bonus flowers or upgrade your flower selection at no extra cost. 

Please view our complete guarantee terms and conditions.

Package contents and prices are based on availability and are subject to change due to weather and market conditions


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